22 St. Black Road Raleigh, PA 34578

​​​​​​​ Mn-Fr: 6AM - 9PM, St-Sn: 6AM - 9PM

About us

The Autocelan car wash has opened its first location in Modesto on north McHenry Avenue on April 11, 1991.

But what started then as a small entterprise ran by few former friends and mechanics has grown to become California’s largest independently owned car wash chain. We were the first of its kind in the state, serving customers looking for a high-quality wash, at a reasonable price, with friendly and professional staff.

With a top-to-bottom clean that is value-priced, and finished in just three minutes, our service has filled the niche between time consuming and pricey full-service washes, and the do-it-yourself option.

Since opening our car care facility in 1991, both our owners and the whole crew have been the driving force behind the company that has washed millions of vehicles throughout the Central Valley.

Why We’re the Best



First thing first, you’ll need to either book an appointment with us or just drop by and see if we have vacant time slot!


When your car’s already at our place, all you’ll have to do is just wait a little bit till it comes out all shiny and clean!


Besides providing the ultimate exterior & interior washing services. we also offer waxing, detailing and vacuuming!


With our services all really being top-notch, here’s also the last joy – the ultimately finest pricing!

Our Team



General Manager

David used to be a lieutenant of an engineering squad on the 5th fleet. But since he and his few friends gathered together to found a new business, his passion for cars found a new way out!




Karl is the person with the longest mechanical experience when cars are concerned. He’s been fixing Lincoln’s when you still even weren’t eligible for a driving license!




Derek joined our team few years ago and since then he’s been an essential part of it… His expertise in everything car related makes him one of our most valuable workers!




After working at a GM factory in Michigan for a while, Franklin decided that working for a small business and having a direct contact with end customers is more of his cup of…oil.

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